Saturday Matinee – The Beatnix, Zappa, Carl Douglas, The Black Keys & the Streamline Rockers


One of my favorites of The PreFab Four (posted previously).

What the heck. Here’s Zappa’s version.

Here’s to the Royal Disco Wedding for our friends across the pond: “There was funky Chinamen from funky Chinatown.”  Great lyrics from Carl Douglas.  Reminds me of National Lampoon’s classic “Have a Kung-Fu Christmas.”

Heh. The Black Keys are my current favorites in the land of  retrorock, and they fit right in with the Soul Train motif. [Tip o’ the tarboosh to Bunkessa]

And as long as we’re going retro, here’s some rockabilly from the UK: The Streamline Rockers.

That makes five for this episode of the  Saturday Matinee, and with that I’m out. Have a great weekend folks, and see you back here tomorrow for more fun.

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2 Responses to “Saturday Matinee – The Beatnix, Zappa, Carl Douglas, The Black Keys & the Streamline Rockers”


    That’s a pretty good John Cleese disguise George had on there.

    I actually expected you to stop over for my 28-year-behind Muddy obit.
    But then, I’m only getting to your weekend stuff now.
    This ever-expanding blogroll thing can be a hindrance.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    SG– George was the clown of the band. As for touring the internest, I’ve been a tad busy with STUFF lately. Please take it personally. 😉

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