Someone Made A Statement

All I know about that pic is that it was taken in NYC, it’s an Art Statement of some sort, and that she’s hot but he’s not. Aside from that, you’re on your own. [Found here.]

[Update: Those are both females. I think it’s an understandable error.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “Someone Made A Statement”

  1. TBBOD– The photo came from a Brazillian website run by a couple of artsy types from San Diego. Good stuff on that blog. The photographer of the raccoon in the banner got humpy because I lifted the image, cropped it, and it’s a bit pixellated. Meh.

    Calo– The he took the photo. The one on the right is a tad androgynous…


  2. Hasn’t all of NY city been photographed to the Nth degree.

    note: people should start taking photos in other places.

    double note: if I went to NY city, I’d want a few pictures to let people, who don’t look at pictures, to know I was there … if they were uninterested.

    triple note: if you’re backdrop describes you, you are kind of sad really.

    quadruple note: I think I’m being mean, to the photo, on this post … in the most polite way though, so it’s okay.


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