Freddy Heineken’s Contribution To The World: Beer Bottle Masonry


…The idea of turning waste into useful products came to life brilliantly in 1963 with the Heineken WOBO (world bottle). Envisioned by beer brewer Alfred Heineken and designed by Dutch architect John Habraken, the “brick that holds beer” was ahead of its ecodesign time, letting beer lovers and builders alike drink and design all in one sitting.

This is masonry. Each course is restrained by the male/female neck/punt connection, but the glass frogs (the bumps on the tops and bottom sides of the bottle) don’t provide a lot of friction, so some method of vertical reinforcement is required. Can’t tell how they anchored it to the foundation, or how they attached the roof framing.

I suppose it works in regions with few earthquakes, no serious windloads, and for people who really like green beer bottle natural lighting.

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

6 thoughts on “Freddy Heineken’s Contribution To The World: Beer Bottle Masonry”

  1. A long time ago I had a customer who made an ocean-going sailboat out of aluminum beer cans. I got onboard the boat at a sailboat show in Annapolis, MD and went below decks. I know it was probably just my imagination but I swear I could smell old Budweiser everywhere.


  2. This was really a full-on sailboat with a main or weather deck, a main sail and jib and a below deck area for bunks, storage, etc, I think this guy had sailed it across the Atlantic (probably drunk from a contact high the whole time).


  3. Bunk-I’ve looked around but I can’t find any info on this boat. This dated back to the late ‘80’s and was really just a novelty vessel so there may not be any current info. I’ll keep looking and let you know if I find anything. And yes, bunks always end up below decks!


  4. Randy– It was a novelty vessel? Get out. No way. Whooda thunk? (Bunks are occasionally found leaning over the rail paying tribute to King Neptune before they’re taken below and supplied with a bucket.)


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