Saturday Matinee – OWS Emos, Manfred Mann, Herman’s Hermits, The Tremeloes


That’s an Occupation Wall Street version of LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE. These are adults (using the broadest definition – they’re at least 18 years old) and their ignorance will amaze you. NSFW/NSFK language.  Let’s move on to funner stuff.

UPDATE: Meltdown boy identified!

A investigation has uncovered that the man whose epic meltdown video at the “Occupy Wall Street” protests went viral is really Edward T. Hall III. Mr. Hall is a Columbia graduate student who has a trust fund set up by his grandfather. He recently made headlines for trying to board a flight at JFK airport by hopping the ticket counter and diving onto the baggage carousel.

He was charged with trespassing and is free on “conditional release.”

Manfred Mann‘s Earth Band. I saw them live, they were great. “Blinded By The Light” ended with a big flash that left us seeing nothing but a big blue glow for a minute or so. After all these years I still have no idea what the lyrics mean.

Heck. Why not.

Herman’s Hermits 1965 hit “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter” was a nice pretty skiffle song.

The Tremeloes‘ 1967 hit “Here Comes My Baby.” Note that his “baby” showed up with another guy, and it comes as no surprise because she’s kind of a [drag] [skank] [slut] [other].

When you think of great 60s rock bands, do The Tremeloes hit your radar? They don’t, but they should, and that makes the mandated five videos for this post.

Have a great weekend, folks, and come back here tomorrow for more fun.

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6 Responses to “Saturday Matinee – OWS Emos, Manfred Mann, Herman’s Hermits, The Tremeloes”

  1. planetross Says:

    It’s almost scary that Manfred Mann’s most popular singles were covers of other people’s songs: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Exciters’, The Shirelles, …

    Peter Noone always makes me laugh … in a happy way.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    plane– Never knew that. I always thought Stringbean’s was a cover. (Now to find the original version of “Doo-Wah-Diddy.”)

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:


  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    99% LOL. OWS Meltdown Boy’s been identified as a trust fund beneficiary. Updated post with link.


    If you’re going for Tremelo, gotta play a Gretch. I had three. 🙂

  6. Bunk Strutts Says:

    SG– Trashed ’em all, eh? I’ve got a silver-plated 1930-vintage Velvetone that I haven’t played in decades, but my Hohners are in good shape.

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