The .Gif Friday Post No. 203 – Waterfowl Foul


[Lost track of the original sources for these.]

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5 Responses to “The .Gif Friday Post No. 203 – Waterfowl Foul”

  1. John M. Says:

    Classic! Happy Thanksgiving, Bunk.

  2. planetross Says:

    That second one is called a “Kancho” in Japan. Usually administered by small children with their hands in a wedge-like formation … like ducks flying south for the winter.

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    John M. – Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you also!

    plane– Lol. So “Kancho” means “stand up fast, spin around and smack the first thing you see” in Japanese. I wish English had such colorful words.

  4. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    Hope you had a great holiday 🙂

    I’m at a loss as to these, though… 😉

  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    LC Aggie– The slo-mo of the nose crank makes it hurt even more.

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