A Milestone: Over 1,100,000 Views!

As of this post, TACKY RACCOONS has cleared over 1,102,300 total views. Of course, many of those hits may be attributed to botcrawlers and spambots, but you meatworld peeps rock like a hurricane (whatever that means).

Muchisimas Grassyass to you all, and yeah, that’s an entirely bitchin’ charging tyrannosaur wearing a tiara on the right.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “A Milestone: Over 1,100,000 Views!”

  1. Congrats, Bunk. Oh, and when I saw that Ice Cold post, I half expected to see/hear Albert Collins…can’t have everything.

    Speaking of milestones, stop over for my blogversary tomorrow. I don’t have Albert either, but I do have a surprise or two.


  2. SG– Thanks, and pre-congrats to you, too!

    I’ve been busy working in the DoD Boiler Room lately.
    I’ve considered closing down here just to free up some blogging time, but then again, DoD is a one-trick pony that will last only as long as LGF exists. It’s so childish but so much fun. =)


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