VP Biden & Martha Raddatz versus VP Candidate Paul Ryan *Debate*


I hope you all saw that kangaroo court of a “debate” this past Thursday.

Despite Vice President Joe Biden’s theatrics and Martha “ObamaAttendedMyWedding” Raddatz’ intentional avoidance to squelch the continual one-sided interruptions of Paul Ryan’s commentary (96 to 6 according to one source), that picture is equal to a 1,000 word summary of the circus. Ryan was shouted down.

It was not a “debate.” It was an exhibition of how leftists/liberals/progressives lie, even when called on those lies. Regardless of your party affiliation, that their supporters in the media support such obvious fabrications and propaganda as Vice President Joe Biden promoted during that “debate” is abhorrent.

Whatever happened to “objective journalism?” Where is Walt Kelly now that we need him?
Update: Hat tip, image found here.

Update 2: Added .gif just because.

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5 Responses to “VP Biden & Martha Raddatz versus VP Candidate Paul Ryan *Debate*”

  1. ryankane Says:

    That was my facebook status, “The jerk and the moderator vs. the next VP. The VP won.”
    You should read my analysis on the debate.

    [Ryank- I decided to vaporize your link, but not for your content. There are some bad peeps who don’t like me much – long story, and you don’t need the aggravation. -Bunk]

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    ryanK– I responded on your site:

    Kudos to you. Folks your age don’t typically pay attention to politics (I certainly didn’t). Rule of thumb: If in doubt, vote NO.
    Also, keep an eye on who screams the loudest, and that will often show who the liar is.
    You’re on the right track to sorting them out.

    Oh, and one more thing: NEVER let someone else tell you what you’re supposed to think.

  3. thechildhoodhero Says:

    Paul Ryan was basically playing a solo tennis match against a doubles team; the formula went accordingly:

    1. Raddatz Asks a Question
    2. Lets Joe Biden Ramble
    3. Lets Paul Ryan Respond
    4. Lets Joe Biden Interrupt Him
    5. Gives Paul Ryan Two Seconds to Try and Defend Himself
    6. Cuts Paul Ryan Off
    5. Poses A Tough Follow Up For Ryan

    And yet he still managed to hold his own! This is why, as a man, I admire another man with a really good poker face. It’s difficult to contain your testosterone when somebody is goading you like Biden was with his counterpart.

  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    tchh– Ryan probably realized that they hoped he would spin out or leave the table. He didn’t give them the satisfaction. I kept hoping that just once, Ryan would look directly at Joe in the middle of a smirk and ask him, “Mr. Vice President, do you really think this is a laughing matter?”

  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    A spammer named “Right To Life” posted the following, and rather than delete it, I decided to post it without the links and toss it back into the spam pile.

    Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential candidate.
    Mr. Ryan is new to the national scene, with out-of-step views from a bygone era.

    He’s known as the author of the extreme GOP budget; one that many say hurts the middle class, turns Medicare into a voucher system and cuts Pell Grants for college students by 170 billion—and cut off a million students over the next decade.

    Even as it makes these dramatic cuts—it cuts taxes for the nation’s millionaires and billionaires.

    What perhaps is the most important for the American public to understand are Paul Ryan’s views towards women. Paul Ryan voted at least four times to defund Planned Parenthood and helped sponsor anti-abortion legislation that used the term “forcible rape.”

    RTL– What utter bullcrap from a spammer. I decided to post it anyway after stripping your links. Fiscal responsibility is an “out of step view from a bygone era?” Every cut in taxes affects those who pay them, and there’s absolutely no reason for the federal government to fund an organization (PP) that promotes and provides for the killing of innocent human life. How many times did Obama vote for late term abortions and the post abortion killing of those few who survived?

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