The .Gif Friday Post No.461 – Playing with Echeveria



Yeah, I was bored.

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2 Responses to “The .Gif Friday Post No.461 – Playing with Echeveria”

  1. skybill Says:

    What a Artichoke looks like when you’re on “Acid!!” (LSD-25), Hehehehehehehehehehe!!!! PS, just my observation of people i knew who ingested the chemical….I have no personal experience with the substance….so I’m just a “JAFO” the letters that were on a ball cap an AIR FORCE friend wore…I asked what it meant, he said,”Just Another Fucking Observer!!!!!”
    Got Gunz……….OUTLAW!!!!!!!!,

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:


    I was curious about the stuff but never tripped, never wanted to. Pot made me paranoid and hungry, coke was too expensive, so I stuck with beer.

    Hadn’t heard of JAFO. I presume it originally stood for Jr. AirCav Forward Observer or something. In Navy parlance, LST is a Large Slow Target, SOS is Shit On a Shingle (creamed chipped beef on toast) and an FNG is a Fucking New Guy.

    Copy that III%. Bunk out.

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