Polar Ice Bear Cicles


Hanging from the side of an iceberg by their hind claws, a polar bear and her cub search for penguins feeding in the frigid Arctic waters below.

Classic polar bear prank, akin to a snipe hunt. “Look, son. If you even think you see one, go for it, because OMG LOOK THERE’S ONE RIGHT NOW!”

[Found here.]


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4 Responses to “Polar Ice Bear Cicles”

  1. Suppo Says:

    The Polar Bears will starve to death before they find a Penguin in Arctic waters. Penguins live only in the Antarctic.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Suppo– Polar bears don’t know it, but it keeps them busy. Aside from that, penguins live all over the planet. The first one I ever saw was in Cincinnati. Did you know that they migrate? Check this out:

  3. Sarthurk Says:

    Hey bunk, the stupid is strong there. What kind of weed are you smoking?

  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Sarthurk– It’s a blend of Jamaican Red Stripe and Ohio Catawba, but it’s mostly Ozark Snark. Did you know that penguins aren’t birds at all? They’re proto-orcas. Now about your gravatar…

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