“Psst. Dude…”

“All I did was knock over a vase, so they shaved me.
WTF did YOU do?”

[Found here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

2 thoughts on ““Psst. Dude…””

  1. Ksbeth–

    My caption is a riff on this old joke:

    An old woman decided she needed a pet for companionship and bought a caged parrot. As she was leaving the store, the shop owner warned her that its previous owner had passed away, but had a foul mouth. The woman shrugged. “Nothing shocks me anymore.”

    She took the parrot home, and almost immediately the bird erupted with some of the most vulgar insults she’d ever heard. So she told the parrot, “For that you get 5 minutes in the freezer.”

    After 5 minutes she brought the shivering bird out. The parrot went on another profane rant, worse than the first one. “Back in the freezer for you! 10 minutes this time!”

    Ten minutes passed and the woman retrieved the parrot, now dusted with frost, but the cussing continued, louder and longer. “15 minutes, until you learn to behave!”

    A long fifteen minutes went by before the parrot was released. Covered in icicles and its beak chattering, the bird stuttered, “O-k-k-kay, m-m-ma’am. I’ll s-s-stop. J-just t-t-tell m-me s-something. W-w-what th-the f-f-fuck d-did the t-t-turkey say?”


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