Leftover Turkey with Hot Links


Janet Nguyen’s story is amazing.

How to unload a truck with no dock.

#Antifa thug earns a nap on the asphalt.

Conan O’Brian interviews Joey Ramone 1999.

A Foley Artist is a sound effects technician who emulates the work of Jack Foley.

Terrence Aloysius Gorcey was one of my favorite 1940s Hollywood stars when I was a kid.

Gene Cernan.was 11th and last astronaut to set foot on the moon. The documentary “The Last Man On The Moon” could have included more technical information and less of his private life, but it’s still interesting.

From the “Who The Hell Is That?” Department:
Name the rock icon pictured above. Answer is below the break. Take a guess before you click, leave your initial suss in the comments.

No, that’s not a young Frank Zappa.
That’s Jeff Hyman, aka Joey Ramone (with a photoshopped suit and tie and haircut).

Gabba Gabba Hey!

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2 Responses to “Leftover Turkey with Hot Links”

  1. Randy Says:

    Crap-I thought it was David Schwimmer and then I thought when was he in a band and then I just clicked through to find out how wrong I was.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Randy– Gabba Gabba Hey. 😀

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