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I Love You Darling, 11 Year Old Faith Taylor & the Sweet Teens (1959) According to Luky 1966:
Faith Taylor was born in Dumas, Arkansas, in 1948. She began performing at the age of four and won her first amateur contest in Little Rock. She came to Chicago with her family in 1957 and continued her music career by singing at small club affairs. She also worked in a few combos, including that of Muddy Waters. In June 1957 she entered and won the ‘Morris B. Sachs Amateur Hour‘ on WGN-TV. The following year a friend of Taylor, Charles Jones, was assembling a vocal group and brought her in as the lead. Other members of this group were alto Yvonne Waddell (17), tenor Saundra Long (16), soprano Mary Collins (17), and bass Curtis Burrell (17). Most of the group came from two South Side high schools, DuSable and Dunbar. Faith Taylor and the Sweet Teens were unlike most ‘teen tenor lead’ groups in being mostly comprised of females. From that start, the group was not going to be a ‘girl group’ but one patterned after Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.”

There’s a rumor that Sun Ra backed the Sweet Teens for some performances.


400 HP = 16,807 DP.

Cold Cup O’ Noodles.

Teen girls’ CD pics in 1994.

Late 1960s Haight Ashbury.

Dominican Republic barrio tour.

The Mayflower (and other airships).

The Columbo Statue in Budapest, Hungary.

Cherilyn Sarkisian mugshot [via]. She was 13 when she “borrowed” her mom’s car. She’s better known as Cher.

[Top image found in here and I have no idea what it means. The Culter & Proctor Stove Company made cast iron stoves in the late 1800s in Peoria, IL.]

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10 thoughts on “Malacophilous Hot Links”

          1. Kinda, sorta a yinzer. We live in the ‘burbs of the Burgh……

            I like a lot of Doug & The Slugs tunes, but I especially love their low budget videos. Silly, feel good stuff…..

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  1. Because my brain is broken, the top image immediately reminded me of the great song by the great bandlinked below, allegedly based on a true story (though probably not involving the fluffy Pomeranian type doggo shown above) . . . .

    “Never in the history of dog fighting
    Was it ever so exciting
    As the day into the pit
    Walked a monkey with a stick.
    The biting and the beating
    Were not considered cheating,
    It ended in a flood
    Of canine blood . . . ”

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