Saturday Matinee – Mr. Barti sings Tomatito, Messer Chups & Gary Clark Jr.

Mr. Barti performs La Voz Del Tiempo by José Fernández Torres, aka Tomatito.

Alex Mihajlovski was born in Macedonia, resides in Denmark and began designing and constructing marionette puppet “Barti” in Spain  in 1986. Apparently he adopted the surname Jørgensen.

“Barti is a complex marionette with many strings, over 40, keeping him alive. […] In 1986 Barti’s master Alex Jørgensen, started improvising with puppet building, using various materials and miniature constructions. During all this time he’s been working in the improvement of Barti, in a no-stop research of the movement complexity, which created this uncommon string puppet. Barti has been travelled all around the world, performing in many international festivals.”

From St. Petersburg, Russia,  Messer Chups is listed under vampire space zombie surf rock.
Oleg Gitaracula – guitar;  Zombierella – Bass; Rockin Eugene – Drums.

Gary Clark Jr. live at Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN, 2015.

Dang. The days are flying past; seems like I go to sleep Sunday night and I wake up the following Sunday morning. Have a great weekend, and see you back here tomorrow. Or the week after. Or both.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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