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What’s Your Sign?

Monday, 7 September 2020

[Shamelessly lifted from Wallingford Signs. h/t Nate L.]

Windows Service Pak 3 and stuff…

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Windows Service Pak 3_Phils Phun 090818

[Image found in here.]


It appears that I got the home computer buzzing efficiently, but I’m still tweaking it, installing necessary programs, uploading updates, downloading downdates, and lashing down the loose ends while adjusting the fuel mix and intake valves.  We’re almost there.  Meanwhile…

Here’s how I got indirectly sucked into blogging. Neatorama posted a link to a joke contest in 2007 that I couldn’t pass up.  Anita Bath asked if I’d like to be a guest poster, and after assisting me with posting for an inordinate amount of time, Anita Bath goaded encouraged me to start my own site.  Old news.

So here are the short jokes I submitted.  Some are very old, some are credited, some are true,  and some I made up. (more…)

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