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If Southpaws Were The Majority…

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Left Handers Day

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On The Other Hand

Monday, 13 August 2012

13 August is “Left Handers’ Day,” and since Friday the 13th comes on a Monday this month, it means a whole week of bad luck – but only for those of the dextral persuasion.

My first inkling that things were not equal, at least handed-wise, was with the q-shaped school desks. Occasionally there was a single p-shaped desk per classroom, but that was a rarity, so us lefties adapted without complaint.

Later on it was penmanship, where part of the grade dismissed content and replaced it with “neatness.”  To further embarrass us non-dextralites, they made us put little green plastic thingys on our pencils and pens as if we didn’t now how to grasp them properly. As late as 4th grade, Mrs. Mikulski grabbed and twisted my hand because I was “hooking” in order to write in cursive with the proper slant.

And all this happened in Public School. (more…)

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