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Saturday Matinee – Operation Ivy Mike, Zippo Tricks & Ohio Players

Saturday, 3 November 2012

1 November was the 60th Anniversary of the first thermonuclear blast known as Operation Ivy Mike – 10 megatons set off on Eniwitok Atoll.
[h/t Soylent Green]

Papa Strutts was on the flagship USS Estes, and said that although they were miles away,  the shock wave blew out all the light bulbs on the ship. He’s an official member of  The Glow In The Dark Society.

Zippo tricks were a necessary evil growing up, at least they used to be a million years ago when we’d flip the cap on the downstroke and flick the wheel coming up, on our jeans. A quick 1-2 flourish. Zippos rock.

And that’s about as silly a performance of pure funk that I’ve ever seen. The Ohio Players, introduced by Helen “I Am Woman” Reddy in 1975.

That’s about all I can take for tonight. Have a great weekend, folks.

Saturday Matinee – Baaa, Fire, Idiot Wind, Sugar Ray, Deep River Blues

Saturday, 27 August 2011

This WILL give little kids nightmares. [Found here.]

Ohio Players on the Midnight Special 1975.

Dedicated to Hurricane Irene, here’s Pauly Shore Bob Dylan, kinda singing.

Room Full of Blues caught on 16mm B&W film from 1956 + 40 years.

Doc Watson’s “Deep River Blues.”

With that we’re out. Have a great weekend folks, stay safe and away from the floods.

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