Saturday Matinee – Cyriak & the Four Seasons, Trombone Shorty, TUOOGB & Ted Yoder

In 2007 Cyriak captured the essence of FV & the FS.

An amazing 13 year old Trombone Shorty played with Wynton Marsalis in 2000 and almost blew a cheek. Great stuff.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain does a lot of amusing covers, but this one is worth the listen: Jelly Roll Morton‘s recording of King Oliver‘s Dr. Jazz Stomp (1926).

This ethereal version of Tears For Fears‘ 1985 hit by Ted Yoder on hammer dulcimer makes me want to bang pots and pans, but I like it.

That’s a wrap. Be back tomorrow and we’ll mess around some more.

Saturday Matinee – Cyriak, Zappa, Traffic & Aretha Franklin

Cyriak outdoes himself creepy-wise, with “Indigestion.” [Found here.]

Frank Zappa‘s final live performance (with backup by Pražský výběr) 1991, Prague, Czechoslovakia, shortly after the collapse of the USSR. Long intro, but worth the listen.

Traffic, 1971. We played their albums in college so often that if you held the vinyl to a light you could see through the grooves.

A great cultural icon passed on this week. She possessed one of the greatest voices in the business, singing and performing gospel, blues, R&B, jazz, soul and pop. Multiple generations grew up listening to her recordings, myself included.

What a natural. Only 22 years old in 1964, and she was already amazing. Respect indeed.
R.I.P. Aretha Franklin (1942-2018).

Have a great weekend, folks. See you back here tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No.242 – CYRIAK

We’ve been posting Cyriak Harris‘ odd .gif animations occasionally for years without knowing that he was the original source. I never connected them with the videos that Bunkarina turned me onto (like “Cows and Cows and Cows“). The guy is brilliantly talented and one of the most entertaining animation artists I’ve seen since Terry Gilliam.

All three .gifs from Cyriak’s jawdropping website: here, here and here.

Saturday Matinee – Baaa, Fire, Idiot Wind, Sugar Ray, Deep River Blues

This WILL give little kids nightmares. [Found here.]

Ohio Players on the Midnight Special 1975.

Dedicated to Hurricane Irene, here’s Pauly Shore Bob Dylan, kinda singing.

Room Full of Blues caught on 16mm B&W film from 1956 + 40 years.

Doc Watson’s “Deep River Blues.”

With that we’re out. Have a great weekend folks, stay safe and away from the floods.

The .Gif Friday Post No.175 – Creepy Commute, Cat in a Glass & The Doors

[Found here, here and here.]

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