Goose Down

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Monday Morning Puzzle


The photo was taken after an earthquake in the Tottori Prefecture on October 21st, in a hotel owned by the Kishida family.

Cabinet with glass panels, earthquake-shifted valuable bowls.
Extract the bowls intact without breaking any glass.

There are some great solutions offered, like this one:

Open the cabinet door just enough to allow the nozzle of an expandable insulation foam canister. Fill up the cabinet with expansive foam, wait for it to set. Open the door and chip off the insulation with a screwdriver.

I don’t know who posted that solution, but it’s brilliant.

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Puppy Puzzler

Pooch problem. Doggie dilemma. Canine conundrum.  Bowzer baffler.

See, this is the difference between dogs and cats. The dog looks at that and knows something just ain’t right and tries to figure it out. A cat gives it a sideways glance, thinks “jerk,” and wanders off to take a nap.

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