Monday Morning Puzzle



The photo was taken after an earthquake in the Tottori Prefecture on October 21st, in a hotel owned by the Kishida family.

Cabinet with glass panels, earthquake-shifted valuable bowls.
Extract the bowls intact without breaking any glass.

There are some great solutions offered, like this one:

Open the cabinet door just enough to allow the nozzle of an expandable insulation foam canister. Fill up the cabinet with expansive foam, wait for it to set. Open the door and chip off the insulation with a screwdriver.

I don’t know who posted that solution, but it’s brilliant.

[Found here.]

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3 Responses to “Monday Morning Puzzle”

  1. RobinKaty Says:

    Remove the glass pane next to the one holding the bowls. Stuff in towels. Remove bowls. I think the expansive foam would be a mess.

  2. wheels Says:

    I’ve seen cabinets with doors on both sides, and I’m not certain if what I see under the shelf with the dishes is a reflection or a view through the cabinet. If the latter, opening the door on the other side would be the simplest solution.

    If it’s a reflection, I agree that trying to remove an adjacent glass pane is the thing to try, but I’m concerned that using a glass cutter might cause enough vibration to collapse the stack.

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Maybe hire David Blaine for an hour.

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