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Early Morning Boogie, Wini Beatty & Slim Gaillard (1946) Slim “McVouty” Gaillard had much success, and he’s anything but an unknown. Although Wini Beatty also appeared on many recordings, I found scant information about her.


Ray Troll.

X-Ray Bird.

60 Minutes.

Inertia balloon.

“Steve. Not the ears.”

A perfect little tiny kitchen.

Beatboxing with harmonicas.

Barbados songs by Barbadians, courtesy Queen H.

Filthy Photos of the most polluted rivers in the world.

The US Space Force has an official song, but dammit, Jim, they left out the theremin. [via Memo of the Air]

[Top image: Vintage RV, September 2015, North Dakota. h/t Charlene.]

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Saturday Matinee – Slim Gaillard & Slam Stewart

As I arrived at TR HQ today, I found a CD sitting all alone.  Turns out the lovely Mrs. Strutts scored a copy of Slim Gaillard’s “Slim’s Jam.”   Better yet, the missus got it for nothing.   WOW.  “Flat Foot Floogie” for free.  Good God, I’ve heard this guy’s stuff.  He played lead guitar when guitar was looked down upon as a mere rhythm instrument.  Gaillard was WAY ahead of his time. (Listen for his pre-Chuck Berry licks on the second video.)

You ever wonder where Little Richard came up with “Tutti Frutti?”  It was from Gaillard’s  advanced musical tublications.  FACT.


[Just a few years later, it looked like this, from Uncertain Times.]

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