Saturday Matinee – The Avalanches, Otava Yo, The Ape Man, & Abby The Spoon Lady w/ Chris Rodrigues

Fun and surreal, The Avalanches are kinda like a sedated Devo on speed.

The 11th video by Otava Yo. Timonia is a folk song from the Kurskaya district, and filmed in the village of Kuznetsovo, Republic of Mari El, Russia, over the summer of 2020. Captions are helpful, sort of. Nice scenery.

Filmed in 1971 by a 10 year old boy, an ape man terrorizes the neighborhood. [Caution: Disturbing images and graphic violence.]

Pure Appalachia. Abby The Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues, busking on Wall Street, ca. 2014.

Yeah, these are kind of surreal for a Saturday Matinee, but it all seems to make sense given recent events. Have a great weekend and we’ll meet up tomorrow for therapy.

Saturday Matinee – The Beatles, The Rutles, The Troggs, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, The Ape Man

The history of the Beatles.  [Found here.]

“With a Girl Like You.” The announcer mispronounces the group’s name as “The Rutles.” Heh.

Here’s the Troggs’ original version of “With A Girl Like You”  from 1967. The Troggs got their name from Troglodytes, aka, cavemen, which brings us to this:

“Troglodyte” was one of the worst yet most popular funk trainwrecks ever. Recorded in 1972, the Jimmy Castor Bunch introduced us to Bertha Butt of the Butt Sisters. Boom shakalaka.

And now for our Feature Presentation: “The Ape Man.”
[Note that this is the 1971 original uncut version. Not for the squeamish.]

[Secret bonus hidden videos: cbullitt snuck a couple into the comments  section on this post. If any of you have links to your favorite classics, email me at and I’ll put ’em in the lineup rather than leave them hidden in the comments. –Bunk]

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