Do the Camel Walk



James Brown, aka Butane James, Mr. PleasePleasePlease, Mr. Dynamite, The Hardest Working Man In Show Business, Soul Brother No. 1 & The Godfather of Soul shows you how to do the dances you heard about, but rarely saw (at least not as good as JB could do ’em), and all within a minute and 39 seconds:

1.The Crab Dance

2.The Boogaloo

3.The Funky Chicken

4.The James Brown

5.The Mash Potato

6.The Camel Walk

7.The Robot

8. The Soul Train

I’m not sure about the name of the first dance, since it’s in  JamesSpeak. Video link jumped out at me and made me get up and get on down, from Arbroath.

3 Responses to “Do the Camel Walk”

  1. Alpaca the Awesome Says:

    How did they come up with those dance names? Funky Chicken and Mash Potato?

  2. Bunk Says:

    Alp– The Funky Chicken was fairly ridiculous even when done right, dancing bowlegged and “flapping” the knees and elbows to the beat. Moving your feet around like you’re squashing spuds gave the Mash Potato its name. As for the “Boogaloo,” I have no idea.

  3. Alpaca the Awesome Says:

    Makes you want to boogie so much you gotta go to the loo?

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