LOL Russian: Boris Manilovchk


“I ridysong wat mak d hol worl cry;
“Donut be steak beef or dat ud-der gy;
“Я пишу песни делают весь мир спеть;
“I ridysong, I ridysong.”

[Original unaltered image from here.]

[Other news: Bunk is blogsitting Finicky Penguin’s Playpen starting today and running through the 18th of June, standing room only. Go have a visit. Help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge, make long distance phone calls to Nigeria to check on the bank account status, download tranny dwarf porn onto his laptop, etc. In a coupla weeks, FinPeng is gonna be blogsitting here, and I expect y’all to be on your worst behavior.]


2 Responses to “LOL Russian: Boris Manilovchk”

  1. VE Says:

    Of course the irony to that song is that Barry Manilow didn’t write it

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    VE– Didn’t know you were a Fanilow. That’s okay, though. We won’t treat you any differently here.

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