When I was a boy…


It’s got a zip code, ergo post 1963.

[Undoctored image found here.]

[Kinda Related Story:  If you don’t believe this, you can verify it for yourself. In the google box, type in google trends. When the new box opens, type in Chuck Norris, boobs.

Also, except for understandable spikes in early November 2008 and late January 2009, The Little Mermaid consistently kicks Obama‘s ass. Analyze the data as you see fit.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “When I was a boy…”

  1. Hey man, I was just going through your blog. When I got to the bottom of the second page, there was no link to “older entries.”

    I entered a “3” in the address bar (where the page number goes) and it took me to the third page. At the bottom of the third page the link for “older entries” reappears. I clicked it and checked out the 4th page and the link is there also … that’s as far as I checked.

    Anyway, it appears there is no way for a regular old user to go past the second page. Thought you’d want to know.


  2. Evil– I just checked it out and didn’t see the problem. The “older entries” links appear as they should; must have been a temporary WordPress glitch. BTW, I’ve been following your blog also. Good attitude.


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