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Thank You Random Citizen.

Thank You Random Citizen

We don’t often post pre-captioned funnies, but we’ll make an exception for this one because he’s got a good confident attitude, his girlfriend is hot, and he made a drive-up window employee smile.
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Saturday Matinee – Hey Baby ’59

Before you click on that first video, I gotta tell you something. Bunkarina sent it to me from the living room last night. Although I recognized the song immediately, I couldn’t name it or identify the original artist, let alone date it correctly. Had I been betting, I would have lost my shorts.

Now THAT is how to ask a girl to Senior Prom. Had I only known.

Hey Baby. On the beach.

In the rec hall. From the comments: Ha! – check out :34 – :36, looks like she’s popping her head in the door and thinking about being your girl!

DJ Ötzi’s version is cool, too.

That’s Bruce Channel and Delbert McClinton in 2003. Channel wrote it in 1959, recorded it, and it became a No 1 Hit in 1962.

50 years later, it’s still a hit for a high school prom invitation, and that makes me smile. Have a great weekend folks. See you back here tomorrow, when I will explain why “boobs” is now in the tagline.

When I was a boy…


It’s got a zip code, ergo post 1963.

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[Kinda Related Story:  If you don’t believe this, you can verify it for yourself. In the google box, type in google trends. When the new box opens, type in Chuck Norris, boobs.

Also, except for understandable spikes in early November 2008 and late January 2009, The Little Mermaid consistently kicks Obama‘s ass. Analyze the data as you see fit.]

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