John Rowley’s Contribution to the World


How to Build a Zebra

Step 1.  Build a zebra frame.


Step 2. Paint to resemble a zebra.


How to Build a Rhinoceros

Step 1.  Build a rhinoceros frame.


Step 2. Paint to resemble a rhinoceros.


How to Build a Wildebeest

Step 1. Take a wild guess.

“The Art of Taxidermy,” 1898, by John Rowley can be found in its entirety here.  The text is fascinating.  I just might download it so I can repair my jackalope head.


[Another excellent find by Hanuman.  Jackalope photo from here.  Also, check out our Archive of Contributions to the World.]


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2 Responses to “John Rowley’s Contribution to the World”

  1. cbullitt Says:

    Does that helicopter thing play Wagner? That would be cool. ANd thanks for the education on taxidermy–I had no idea it was a simple two-step process.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    cbull– Yeah, but you gotta turn your speakers up to 11. As for the taxidermy, the toughest part is mixing the paint colors just right.

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