The .gif Friday Post No.78 – ROFL Copter II, Elmo, Udaman, Office Dog



[ROFL Copter I can be found here.]


Elmo dance HARD!


Udaman! Not. Udaman! Not. Udaman! Not.


Oh yeah. Office Dog.

[Tip ‘o the tarboosh to Dan for Office Dog.  Like .gif animations?  Be sure to sample our Nice N Crispy Archive.]

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4 Responses to “The .gif Friday Post No.78 – ROFL Copter II, Elmo, Udaman, Office Dog”

  1. VE Says:

    Where do you find this crazy stuff? Office dog is hillarious…can I borrow him for a few offices I know of?


  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    VE– Dan @ Rockhoppers sent me to a Japanese site that had Office Dog posted. As for the rest of the .gifs, I have a number of secret mines scattered around the world. I’d like to credit the original sources for the animations, but most of the aggregation sites don’t give credit.


  3. Tony Says:

    Elmo is awesome.
    BTW I made use of the Super Hero certificate you linked to on your blog once, at least I think it was on your blog, I got it from somewhere anyway


  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Tony– Yep you did. Here.


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