Saturday Matinee – Star Trek, Willys Jeep, The Cleverlys, Clogging, Earl Scruggs & The Chieftains


German sci-fi advertisement [Found here].

How to breakdown and reassemble a Willy’s Jeep in under four minutes. [via]

The Cleverlys’ bluegrass version of “Walk Like An Egyptian.” [via]

After the Cleverly’s drummer’s action, it’s only proper to post a video of clogging, aka, Bluegrass Flamenco. Both bluegrass and clogging are closely related to Irish reels and dancing, so…

Here’s Earl Scruggs with the seminal Irish band The Cheiftains. Nice blend, that.

Have a great weekend, folks, y’all be back here tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Saturday Matinee – Star Trek, Willys Jeep, The Cleverlys, Clogging, Earl Scruggs & The Chieftains”

  1. Tattoo Jim Says:

    Damn! It’s hard to keep your feet still while listening to Earl Scruggs and the Cheiftains! It’s funny to scroll down and watch the leafbird while the music plays too! Awesome!

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Tattoo Jim–
    We’ve had convergence between videos and .gifs before. Unfortunately that particular video was yanked from the Utoobage.

  3. theliteraryhorse Says:

    I just checked my watch. Yup. It’s time You deserve another award. GREAT post. Poor Cleverlys. If they had performed in, um, certain parts of San Francisco, they would have had a thousand people dancing and a standing ovation for that amazing rendition of WLAE. I’m sitting at the computer shouting “You idiots! Clap! Dance! These guys are GREAT!”

    You hit all my favorite things: Mr. Spock, Amazing Feats with a Jeep, Cleverly Outsourced Music, (clogging I missed, it was disabled) and The Chieftains with Earl Scruggs???????

    Oh and extreme cuteness. I forgive you, you made up for it with a bunk of lemurs and the adolescent possum that looks like a Vulcan pet.

  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    thelit– I’d never heard of the Cleverlys, but check out some of their other videos. Pretty funny. As for the clogging vid, guess you gotta watch it on the Utoobage. You’ll love it.

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