Spotted at Vander Veer Botanical Park, Davenport, Iowa.

[h/t Charlene604]

Saturday Matinee – Star Trek, Willys Jeep, The Cleverlys, Clogging, Earl Scruggs & The Chieftains

German sci-fi advertisement [Found here].

How to breakdown and reassemble a Willy’s Jeep in under four minutes. [via]

The Cleverlys’ bluegrass version of “Walk Like An Egyptian.” [via]

After the Cleverly’s drummer’s action, it’s only proper to post a video of clogging, aka, Bluegrass Flamenco. Both bluegrass and clogging are closely related to Irish reels and dancing, so…

Here’s Earl Scruggs with the seminal Irish band The Cheiftains. Nice blend, that.

Have a great weekend, folks, y’all be back here tomorrow.

Too Much Time


BrerRick emailed me about the lolferret post. Said that someone’s got, “Waaay too much time on their hands,” even though the post was of “Bosley,” a ferret owned by the Weasel, a mutual friend.

Well, bro, if you work efficiently and play efficiently, one can find oneself with enough time to pay the bills, do the laundry, feed the lolpossums and oil the cat, scour the shovel, and still have time left over to post utter absurdities on our favorite website.

Unfortunately, eating and sleeping is a necessary waste of time, kinda like having to put your pants on when you’re not going outside. Kinda like making your bed when it’s just gonna get messed up again. Kinda like surfing the internest for posts and limiting the search to the sites that already link to yours.

I can’t possibly have too much time, and neither can you. Always look through the mud for the rainbow in the windshield, or you might end up like her.

[Photo via Arbroath.]

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