Saturday Matinee – Giant Isopods, Claymation, The Swamp, Jolly Boys, Lady Day & Satchmo

Giant Isopods! Yay! [via]

Sure, it’s amateur Claymation, but it kept my attention for the pure and simple oddness of it all.

Talking Heads were one of the premier punk bands out of CBGB’s, even though the punk genre (gawd I hate that word “genre”) was coopted by others who trashed it and gave it a bad name in the late 70s.

The Jolly Boys sing Amy Winehouse’ “Rehab” [via]. I gotta find out more about these guys.

Let’s see. Got four videos up, and since five is ideal for subliminal reasons, let’s roll one more for the road.

Awesome combination of Lady Day and Satchmo.  Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll be back tomorrow.


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – Giant Isopods, Claymation, The Swamp, Jolly Boys, Lady Day & Satchmo”

  1. Love, love, LOVED the music videos!!!! Man, what a collection!!! But, swear to God, that claymation thing… thought I was having some kind of flash back…. Talking Heads… awesome! Jolly Boys… got to check them out for sure! And Billie and Louie… what else needs to be said… oh, so smooth!!!!!!!!!!!!


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