Serious WTF On A Tricycle Is Serious


Someone put a lot of thought and effort into this creation, and it probably has some hidden emotional or socio-political message, but hell if I can suss it.

Maybe it serves to house bats, and at dusk each night a swarm spirals out of its “mouth” for an insect feeding frenzy. Or it’s a trash receptacle/composter. Could be a poorly camouflaged audio speaker system that sends odd and mildly disturbing tones throughout the neighborhood. I like the patina on the copper clad tricycle, though.

I don’t know about you, but I’m saving up to get a matching pair.

[Image found here.]

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5 Responses to “Serious WTF On A Tricycle Is Serious”

  1. Lemur King Says:

    Bunk, the very first thing that came to mind was this this sensation/feeling that I was picturing something very Pink Floyd-ish.

    Or Winnie the Pooh, but this is Heffalumps gone mad, I tell you.

  2. Tattoo Jim Says:

    That almost looks… obscene!

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Le MurK– Yeah, it’s got Pink Floyd written all over it. I couldn’t find the source on tineye, and the link dead ends at This Picture Is Unrelated. Spotted one commenter who thought it was a sculpture in Devon England.

    Tattoo Jim– I’m surprised at how many people said the same thing about it elsewhere. You guys are twisted.

  4. planetross Says:

    It looks like a suit Baron Vladimir Harkonnen might have worn in the Dune movie.

  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    plane– Oh, man, every time I think of Dune I remember what a pos movie it was, and then I remember that my sister bought me the book in paperback… at a Frank Herbert signing! She got tired of waiting in line for his signature, and two weeks later he was dead.

    Does a book have any eBay value for being exposed to a miniscule amount of the author’s breath?

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