Saturday Matinee – Action Park, Pool Painting, Wilfred, Lurch & Pink Floyd

Via Lemur King, the story of New Jersey’s “Action Park” is amazing. Anyone here have stories? Email ’em, and I’ll post them with credit.

Painting the pool.

[Found here.]

This great video was blocked for a while. Gotta put it back up. Gotta.

One of my favorites from Pink Floyd’s “Meddle” album, and with that, we’re out of here. Have a great weekend folks, and be back here for more fun tomorrow.


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – Action Park, Pool Painting, Wilfred, Lurch & Pink Floyd”

  1. Too much excitement these days has been sanitized to the point of absolutely no risk of personal injury. Growing up, the thing that gave excitement to what stupid things we did was that at any given time there was a real possibility of a nasty fracture or deep cuts (motorcycles mostly).

    But nowadays it’s a lot like playing Lego Batman – you die and die and die and it doesn’t set you back you just get reincarnated right where you were. On two levels that is already wussier than “seeing who can power slide in the gravel to a stop before entering the county road.” That is risky. You were alive.

    Action Park looks like they were really trying for that. Or they were just cheap.


  2. LK–

    I never went to Action Park and wasn’t aware of it until yesterday.

    I was fascinated by that story, and spent a lot of time reading comments on the various sites yesterday. Much of the Wiki story appears to be taken from an article from a magazine entitled “Weird N.J.” The comments from attendees and employees are priceless.

    We had our own version growing up and it took many forms. Heck, I have some pesky medical problems today that stem from a mini-bike accident that happened when I was 14.

    Thinking back about some of the stuff we did, it’s amazing that we weren’t killed. Reckless youth is often an understatement.


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