Saturday Matinee – Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve & Halloween: Bobby Pickett, Ted Cassidy & Tom Waits

The history of Samhain (aka All Hallow’s Eve, aka Halloween) is interesting, and despite what some claim (that it’s “The Devil’s Holiday”) it’s actually the opposite. Check this out.

But that’s not what we’re here for, and we’re not here to post Bobby Pickett‘s “Monster Mash” either even though Leon Russell played on that recording according to Wiki.

Nice try, Bobby, but that sucked donkeys. Ted Cassidy did it right.

So how do we wrap up this Halloween vid post? How ’bout some Tom Waits?

Yeah, when the kids were tads, we’d do up the front stoop right, with spiderwebs, pumpkins that made little kids cry and dogs bark, and blast Tom Waits and Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum cassettes on a boom box that could be heard for blocks. Fun times.

Have a safe Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, and Halloween, folks. Be back tomorrow for El Día de los Muertos.


Saturday Matinee – Action Park, Pool Painting, Wilfred, Lurch & Pink Floyd

Via Lemur King, the story of New Jersey’s “Action Park” is amazing. Anyone here have stories? Email ’em, and I’ll post them with credit.

Painting the pool.

[Found here.]

This great video was blocked for a while. Gotta put it back up. Gotta.

One of my favorites from Pink Floyd’s “Meddle” album, and with that, we’re out of here. Have a great weekend folks, and be back here for more fun tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee: LURCH!

Rock n Roll at it’s peak.  Check it out, yo!

But there’s more to his story. Besides being a household word for rock n roll and gettin’ hot babes, the late Ted Cassidy played TWO parts in “The Addams Family” TV Series.  Lurch was one of them… the other was “Thing.”

From the Wikipedialoids:

“Lurch (Ted Cassidy) is the household butler. Morticia and Gomez summon him by means of a bell pull in the form of a hangman’s noose, which rings the massive bell located in the mansion’s bell tower; the resulting gong shakes the entire house when the bell’s noose is pulled. When Lurch appears (usually immediately or within seconds thereafter), he responds with an extremely deep-voiced, “You rang?”

“According to IMDb, Lurch was intended to be a non-speaking part, as the Charles Addams cartoon character was silent; however, Cassidy improvised the line during his audition, and it was so well-received that it became a feature of the character. When questions are posed to him, Lurch’s primary response is a deep throaty rumbling and, at times, tremendously annoyed sound, which the family nonetheless interpret as spoken words. Superhumanly strong (he cleans the family car by simply lifting it and shaking it out like a rug), Lurch often plays the harpsichord (the music is actually played by The Addams Family composer Vic Mizzy).

“Lurch is very high-minded about visitors; when a plainclothes policeman (played by George Neise) visited the family, Lurch patted him down and regarded him suspiciously when he found his gun. Neise showed Lurch his badge, whereupon Lurch returned the gun.

“Lurch occasionally regards his employers’ activities with some dubiousness, but only as any servant might regard the idle rich, not because he does not share their macabre tastes.”

As far as the Addams Family goes, Lurch was my 2nd favorite.  Carolyn Jones (Morticia Addams), well, um, you know.  Cassidy also appeared in several episodes of:
Star Trek;
I Dream of Jeannie;
Wild Wild West;
and The Six-Million Dollar Man (as Bigfoot).

Y’all can forget his cameo on Batman, too… or not.

Cassidy ALSO appeared in the movie “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid” in this Classic Scene.

As a completely unrelated aside, anyone curious about what the Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten is up to these days?  Seems he’s turned Shatner on us. Promise.

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