Holy Poop! We’re Four Years Old!

Yes, you got that right. On 3 August 2007, Tacky Raccoons belched itself into the blogosphere with little fanfare and a mere handful of hoopla. Now it’s 10PM on the eve of this auspicious occasion, and I’m caught with my pants down and my skirt over my head trying to figure out what to do with only two hours to go, so let’s do this.

Yeah it’s fuzzy until you click on it and see that we’re over 906,000 sharp views, and most of those are prolly Chinese and Russkie bots, but we’re holding strong at about 20K per month despite school being in recession. I don’t know wtf happened in October 2009, but I’ll roll with it.

Oh wait. I know. Let’s have another rundown of the most popular posts for the last year, just like we’ve done for the past three years.

So here are the Top 11 of the past twelve months, with last year’s rankings separated by an appropriate slash. nr = no rating,  indicating that the post either didn’t make rank or wasn’t posted last year. Click on the images to see the original posts.

This year, we’re gonna start with No. 11 because it’s only been up for a short while, but got a wad of hits.

No. 11/nr- The .Gif Friday Post No. 185 – 80 Beetles

No. 10/nr – The .Gif Friday Post No. 145 – The End, Near Miss, Cat Attack

No. 9/nr -Pre-ChatRoulette FAIL

No. 8/5- Lesbian Amputee Dwarf Porn

No. 7/3 -Giant Woolly Bear Caterpillar Discovered Near Las Cruces, NM, Predicts Global Warming for Decades to Come

No. 6/nr -The .Gif Friday Post No. 93 – Cat Fish Robot Jam

No. 5/nr -The .Gif Friday Post No. 108 – Eat It, Walk It, Pump It

No. 4/nr -Death Row Barbie

No. 3/4 -LOL Ferret Episode 1

No. 2/2 -Amy’s Motivational Poster Collection

No. 1/nr – Capybara Lapwarmer

I gotta tell you, I’d never have guessed that Ms. Capylady would make the top ten, let alone make it to Number One on the 2011 Tacky Raccoons Hit Parade.

I’ve traded a couple of emails with Ms. C since this was first posted, and I congratulate her on her meteoric rise to the coveted position on the TR Top Ten.

And that’s exactly what makes blogging fun.  In four years, I still don’t know what’s gonna get a hit. I just toss out whatever amuses me, and I’m happy that some of it amuses you, too.

Your pal Bunk


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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