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Riff City, Slim Gaillard (1946) Bel-Tone Records Gaillard could play several instruments and managed to turn the performance from jazz to comedy. He would play the guitar with his left hand fretting with fingers pointing down over the fingerboard (instead of the usual way up from under it), or would play credible piano solos with his palms facing up.

Black hole stuff.

Supernova stuff.

Wait for the beep.

Creole vs. Cajun Jambalaya.

Lord of the Paddle [sound up].

Does this ever happen to you?

Naked chicks rocking out. No, really.

Be careful where you park in Brazil. [Story here, h/t Nancy H.]

60 years ago: The first episode of The Andy Griffith Show aired on October 3 1960. Titled “The New Housekeeper,” Opie meets Aunt Bee.

[Top image of Slim Gaillard in a spacesuit-a-roonie from here.]

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