Japanese Bot Rod Chuichi

[Found here via here. Click images to enlarge. Description via Google Translate below the break.]

I haven’t had an image for a while, so this time I’ll show you the event exhibition version image. Ah, you can tell by typing “Tube No. 1”, but it’s actually quite difficult and troublesome. I will call it “Chuichi” from now on.

Please compare with one festival ver. The main additions are rivets in various places (though it is an image of tapping screws, etc.), handrails that may be necessary for the driver to get on and off, mirrors, blinkers, No plates, etc. The headlight under the face is a poor specification that the power cord is left outside because it is a retrofit option , and it is plugged into the external power input device (just a table tap) hanging at the base of the neck . (I don’t know if it’s an image. Please see it at the venue. The image will be uploaded later.) I thought that the back side was almost invisible at the time of the exhibition, so I haven’t made much changes this time. I just added a few hinges and rivets to the back hatch. I can’t see this again, but I also added a driver’s backrest. Regarding the operation part, at the time of WFver, the driver was made by Mr. Kasai in another place, so

There were only two levers for the reason of securing clearance, but this time I added two levers and buttons in the crotch. Well, it still works with this, though. The No plate is a little omission. Just a piece printed on glossy paper is pasted on a plastic plate. The shape is not similar to the actual plate, with the excuse that it is for a recital. Only the fingers can be used for dirty expressions such as paint peeling. The dark green part of the frame is made of metal, the light blue is made of FRP, and the white of the shoulders is made of aluminum. (The white ankle is metal, maybe) . I’m planning to make an HP instead of a blog one after another, so I ‘ll put it together as a gallery at a later date. I think that the Chuichi remodeling is probably completed by this point. I have to make the next robot. It seems that you are told how long you will pull it.

Author: Bunk Strutts

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