Goons and Goblins

He lives here.

Pix2Pix is a simple fun AI to mess around with. Fairly intuitive, it creates grotesque images via a basic mouse- or pen-controlled paintbrush, with options for faces, scenes, facades, cats and shoes. Some examples:

One drawback: There’s no “undo” function, so either stop while you’re ahead or you get to start over. Be sure to screen cap your work if you want to save it.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

3 thoughts on “Goons and Goblins”

    1. mjazz–

      Open the program and it loads an example “scene”.
      Click the button at the bottom that says “CLEAR.”
      On the left, choose one of the categories (like ROAD), then draw a line in the left box by clicking and dragging your mouse, and an an abstract road is generated at right You can adjust the width of the line with the slide bar at the bottom.
      Now click another category, like “BUILD” and add a builidng somewhere.

      If you want to do a face instead, click “CELEBRITIES” in the blue ribbon at top and wait for it to load.

      Hope that helps.


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