Goons and Goblins

He lives here.

Pix2Pix is a simple fun AI to mess around with. Fairly intuitive, it creates grotesque images via a basic mouse- or pen-controlled paintbrush, with options for faces, scenes, facades, cats and shoes. Some examples:

One drawback: There’s no “undo” function, so either stop while you’re ahead or you get to start over. Be sure to screen cap your work if you want to save it.

Two Girls for Every Boy

Surfin USA_My Parents Were Awesome 090929

“He’s got a ’30 Ford Wagon and he’s got nothing to brag about;
Panama City, here we come.”
Meanwhile his future wife takes an elbow to the head.

[Found at My Parents Were Awesome.]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Since we can’t post SeeqPod music on WordPress yet, I dropped a small load on Amy Oops.  Meanwhile, here’s a fightin’ song: The Pogues’ “Young Ned of the Hill.”

[Image from here.]

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