Vintage Christmas Cheesecake

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The .Gif Friday Post No.234 – How To Walk & Victorian Cheesecake


Top .gif is actually three .gifs (1-2-3-2-1), modified and animated from this image. Bottom two lenticulations were created from a couple of Victorian era stereoscopic photos that I lifted from here.

[Update: I found the link to the Victorian bimbo pics at Gimcrack. Sorry for the oversight, nursem.]

Babe Cannon

Babe Cannon_Merdeuse 091004

Bimbo in playground equipment. At least she’s got socks on.

After much discussion, we at TR decided to post this cheesecake in order to influence votes for the Weblog Awards. We’re cheap like that.

If that’s not enough to sway y’all to vote for TR, check this out [NSFK].

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