Not sure if that’s protection from the ‘Rona or from the ‘Cadas. Reminds me of this, which reminds me of this.

[Image from unknown source, sent via email by Bunkanne.]

Cassini Periodical Hot Links

Chicken Stuff, Hop Wilson & His Chickens (1958) Harding Wilson (1921-1975) got his nickname from playing harmonica a lot as a kid – harp is pronounced hop in Texan. (Chicken stuff goes by another name there, too.) Pop Hop’s steel slide style influenced many other bluesmen.

The Marty Lisa.

Cicadas in Greece.

Fishing the cicada catch.

R.I.P El Risitas 1956-2021.

Not sure what to make of this.

The Pillow (a short horror movie).

Elements of Grammar Walk Into a Bar

3 hours of mostly peaceful protest sounds.

“It’s not clear how the turtle became airborne.”

Coming Soon: Axe throwing and miniature golf.

His parents really named him Dylan Shakespeare Robinson?!

One of the worst man-made catastrophes in history happened 35 years ago on 26 April 1986.

4 year old Zoe Roth became a meme in 2008. She’s 21 now and $458,000 richer because of it.

1988 Trabant quality control. The car’s been called “a spark plug with a roof.” More about the East German car here.

[Top image: Cicadaman, spotted recently by Amy D.]

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 38 – Cicada Pop

I snagged this emerging cicada .gif from FinPeng months ago. I met the cicadas again while I was out of town.  They haven’t changed.  I love ’em.  The ones I saw were black with little red beady eyes, and their wings were black, not green like this one’s.  Maybe they darken up later.

The cicada is the insect with the longest known lifespan; 17 years is the record, with all but a few days of it’s life spent underground as grubs.  Then they emerge from the ground, crawl up something convenient, and shed their shells.  Then they just screw around for a coupla weeks and make a lot of noise.  They don’t eat during this mating frenzy.  Then the females lay eggs in the trees, and die undignified deaths along with their mates.  The eggs hatch and the larva drop to the ground in shame where they burrow in for another 17 years.

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