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Clint Eastwood Talks To The Lucas

Monday, 6 October 2014
Clint Eastwood working on his 1958 Jag XK 120 in 1960

Clint Eastwood working on his 1958 Jag XK 120 in 1960 (colorized).

Interesting that every time I worked on my car my hands and forarms showed it and there was no camera around, but then I’m not Clint. The photo would be entirely believable if it were Chuck Norris because his cars piss oil and refill themselves automatically once he steps outside.

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Saturday Matinee – Good, Bad & the Ugly Showdown, Wildebeest, Iron Butterfly, Stan Kenton, Bunny Berigan & Jimmy Dorsey

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Aside from the more serious rhetorical oratory of the GOP Convention (previously discussed on The Blogmocracy and elsewhere) Clint Eastwood’s performance was the perfect break. It would have been the perfect warm up act for any candidate running against Obama, and he nailed it. Addressing the Empty Chair:

“What do you want me to tell Romney?
I can’t tell him to do that.
I can’t tell him to do that to himself.”

He nailed it with wit, timing, and sarcastic humor. He’s an actor who knows how to ad lib when the situation requires it. How much of his presentation was scripted and how much was off-the-cuff doesn’t matter. It worked.

Now on to more lighthearted fun.

via Chiqui.

Papa Strutts had an unfortunate adventure recently that required us to donate most of his belongings. Among those was a vinyl record collection that included this:

I didn’t have that classic album. While I was collecting Zappa, Papa Strutts was collecting Aerosmith, and he was way ahead of me on jazz.

There’s some classic Stan Kenton, composing with bizarre rhythms and intentional dissonance. Yet he owed a great deal to his predecessors, like Jimmy Dorsey & Bunny Berigan.

Who was also  influenced by Red Nichols:

The interesting part of music, and jazz in particular, is that there is no single musician who can take claim for any particular classic. Everything is derivative until someone like Miles Davis comes along and rearranges the blocks.

Have a great weekend folks, and maybe we’ll rearrange some blocks tomorrow.

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