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The .GIF Friday Post No.430 – Jerk in a Black Van, Hello Octopus and Rashida Jones’ Pulse

Friday, 25 March 2016

Jerk in the White Van

Hello Octopus

Rashida Jones Pulse

[Found in here, here, and the last was derived from here.]

‘Scuse Me, But Haven’t We Met Before?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dogs crack me up because they’re all jerks. Lovable jerks, for sure, but they’re still idiots, and they have no shame. Dogs just enjoy doing what dogs do.

Simple things amaze them. Every weekday you come home from work, and they’re ecstatic that you were able to find your way back on your own… again. When they hear a siren, they howl to help spread the alarm. Throw a snowball into a drift and they’ll spend 15 minutes looking for it before they realize that they’ve been had, and then they want you to do it again.

But dogs know how to play us as well. Sure Rover is happy to see you, licking your face and all… but he remembers where his tongue was a few minutes before, even if you didn’t see him doing it.

You’ve been Dog Pwnd.

[Image found in here.]

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