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Saturday Matinee – Slim Harpo, The O’Jays & The Persuasions

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Slim Harpo‘s “Scratch My Back.”

O’Jays stroll on Soul Train. [h/t Gwendolyn W.]

The Persuasions are one of the best a capella groups ever. Frank Zappa referred to bassman Jimmy “Bro” Hayes as “The Human Sub-Woofer.” (The Persuasion’s tribute to Zappa Frankly A Cappella is excellent, btw.)

And I’m out of time for tonight, so have a great weekend folks. See you tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Funny Dude, A Capella, Slugs, and PF Live

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Lotta truisms there;  video found in Archie’s Archives.

Don’t know who these folks are, but “Oh Gee” was a hit in 1955 by the Crows. Could be them.

The Persuasions were/are possibly the most underrated acapella group (featuring bass singer Jimmy Hayes, who Frank Zappa called “the human sub-woofer”).

“Legendary musician Frank Zappa and his wife Gail discovered The Persuasions (in a commercial sense) in 1968. At the urging and encouragement of a good friend of the Persuasions, David Dashev (who eventually became the groups producer and manager), Zappa listened to a tape of The Persuasions. Shortly after listening to the tape, Frank and Gail Zappa signed the group to their label. The Persuasions debut album ‘Straight’ was a mix of studio and live recordings released during the fall of 1970.”

(This group was featured here before, but unfortunately the videos were yanked by Utoob for seventy mental reasons.)

This is an old one from the Beeb, narrated by David Attenborough.  It’s cool, bizarre and gross at the same time, but it’s nature. I posted it just because  Thelit said her kids and their friends love this kinda stuff.  Go for it.

After the Slugs (wasn’t that a Grateful Dead tune, or maybe a Peter Sellars movie?) this may help clean your eye sockets. Other than the dopey devilpigs,  it’s all cool.

Saturday Matinee: Magnetic Movie Gecko T Spinner Cheap Thrills Persuasions

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I’ve seen them all my life, but no one ever believed me.  Magnetic fields are visible. <snork>

This is why the earth isn’t covered with lizard carcases.


Cheap thrills (until yer hair gets caught).

Speaking of Cheap Thrills: These guys were so ahead of their time they had to go retro, and still didn’t get a hit.  Here’s Ruben & The Jets.

These guys couldn’t get a hit either, so they covered Ruben & the Jets.  Here’s The Persuasions‘ great a capella version.

Speaking of The Persuasions, this cd is a must-have in Bunk’s opinion, so here’s another cover:

[Magnetic Movie found via Neatorama, Gecko here, Mr. T  here, Spinnergirl here.  Others found via serendipitous cosmic debris]

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