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Great Big Blobs

Monday, 16 November 2020

NASA scientists are studying planet magnetic fields and revisited raw data collected by Voyager 2 over three decades ago. They found that

Voyager 2 spotted a massive magnetic bubble pulling gas out of Uranus’ atmosphere.

Such loop-like plasmoids are typically formed as a spinning planet flings bits of its atmosphere to space. “Centrifugal forces take over, and the plasmoid pinches off.”

Uranus pinches off big blobs and flings them.

Saturday Matinee: Magnetic Movie Gecko T Spinner Cheap Thrills Persuasions

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I’ve seen them all my life, but no one ever believed me.  Magnetic fields are visible. <snork>

This is why the earth isn’t covered with lizard carcases.


Cheap thrills (until yer hair gets caught).

Speaking of Cheap Thrills: These guys were so ahead of their time they had to go retro, and still didn’t get a hit.  Here’s Ruben & The Jets.

These guys couldn’t get a hit either, so they covered Ruben & the Jets.  Here’s The Persuasions‘ great a capella version.

Speaking of The Persuasions, this cd is a must-have in Bunk’s opinion, so here’s another cover:

[Magnetic Movie found via Neatorama, Gecko here, Mr. T  here, Spinnergirl here.  Others found via serendipitous cosmic debris]

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