Meanwhile In The Bear State.


According to Sgt. Dave Hunt, they could not open the vehicle from the outside as the bear apparently locked the doors somehow and broke the handles off.

While trapped inside, the bear apparently ripped the seats apart, tore open the glove compartment and pulled down part of the ceiling. The animal also urinated, defecated and spit all over the destroyed interior, police said. The department called the vehicle “a total loss.”

Police were eventually able to open the rear hatch to let the bear escape, FOX40 reported.

I’ll buy it. I don’t even care what year/make/model it is. The bear damage to that private vehicle is less than what is caused by CalTrans and L.A. Public Works, so tell the vehicle owner to contact me. If it’s roadworthy I’ll buy it. I can handle the smell of bear piss.

I’m serious. =)

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“Try DOME GAS – It’s Better”

Dome Gas 1926_Strange Cosmos 090710[Larger image can be found here.]

WHOA! 23¢ a gallon!  And what a GREAT slogan.

Let’s talk about gas prices vs. inflation.
Inflation calculator: 1926-2009 = 1,108.2%

Price per Gallon in 1926 (regular, leaded): $0.23/gal
Federal Gasoline Tax (up to 1933): $0.01/gal = 4.55%
Actual cost per gallon (1926 dollars): $0.22/gal
Actual cost per gallon, less taxes (2009 dollars):  $2.66/gal

Price per Gallon (regular unleaded) 10 July 2009: $2.90/gal
Federal Gasoline Tax 2009: $0.184/gal
California (Local + State + Fed Taxes) 6 July 2009:
$0.645/gal* = 2.9%

* Includes CA Sales Tax (7.25%) CA County & Local Sales Tax (1.25%), and  UST tax (1.2%) whateverTF that is.

Actual cost per gallon, less taxes (July 2009):  $2.26/gal**

**Note that the base price stated for California gasoline includes costs for state mandated fuel additives, summer/winter mixes, ethanol. Note also that this amount includes franchise fees, business license fees, miniscule profit by the small business folks, and Swantzenegger Boxer Feinswein Pelosi & Waxman fees, other “revenue enhancement fees” emanating from Sacramento, and costs for gettin’ the lead out.

[Sources found here and here.]

Now Let’s talk about mileage and cost and technology.

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