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Hot Links & The Temple Of Doom

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Awesome. Jim Lovell’s summary of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission can be found here. Although Tom Hank’s movie was great, the book it was based on, Lovell’s “The Lost Moon,” is a must read.

Recently there was a clever cartoon meme called “Tetris From Hell.” Now you can play it.

Are you pregnant? Know someone who is? Get your trendy morning sickness barf bags here. [via]

Wow. Interactive 360 degree video of the demolition of Texas Stadium in Dallas. From the inside. With sound.

Jim’s Pancakes are awesome pancakes.

Fishing in Amsterdam.

Dysentery chimes in on Facebook.

Blah blah hey nonnie nonnie.

Johann Tetris – 1928-2009

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Cartersville, GA  (Strutts News Services) – Even in an economic downturn, many businesses flourish. Tetris Constructions is one of them. Regardless, Johann “Joe” Tetris died yesterday afternoon of natural causes, succumbing to HSB.  HSB is known to laymen as “He Stopped Breathing.”

Johann Tetris 1993 TED Convention (Strutts News Services Archive Photo)

Johann Tetris at 1993 TED Conference (Strutts News Services Archive Photo)

TC founder Tetris was born into poverty but not by choice.  He’d intended to be born into wealth, but those dreams were squelched by economic forces beyond his control.  Ever since birth, Tetris fought to rise above the dirt-floor/waxed-paper windows of his childhood to create one of the most lasting icons of the “Information Age.”  That icon would be Tetris Constructions.

Tetris’ work is recobanized throughout the civilized world as cutting edge modular construction:  fast paced, low cost, rarely finished, but in Tetris’ own inimitable iconic style.

Some call it brutal. Others are both alarmed and enthralled at the possibilities and potentials of the breakneck speed of real-time design, combined with the willy-nilly construction system that Tetris Constructions promotes.

The TC motto sums it up: “We Build Faster than an Honest European Lunchbreak.”  Johann Tetris will be missed by many, but his legacy endures.

– Janessa Vapors (Strutts News Services)

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