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Right Around The Corner, The “5” Royales (1956) The Royal Sons Quintet, aka The Royals, aka The “5” Royales were a gospel group that made the crossover to R&B and laid the foundation for what would later be called Soul Music. Active during the years 1951 through 1965, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

Rock and roll.

This poor dog.

Norwegian Word.


Armed robbery is hard in Russia.

Bunkerville is a good name for a blog.

Recreating a 121 year old hamburger.

“Cool costume, bro, but what ARE you?”

Anyone besides me want to see him attacked by giant lagoon weasels?

The saddest Egyptian god. He has a dung beetle for a head.

[Top image: Bean goose flying upside down (“whiffling”) near Arnhem, Netherlands. It’s a quick maneuver  by young show offs. More here.]

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Hot Links Meets the Werewolf

Marble Furnace, OH (Strutts News Service)
Dog Sucked into HVAC Return Air Grille. Film at 11.

Before you go any further, check out Pandora Radio, search for Louis Armstrong, click play, and then continue. You’ll like it, especially on a Sunday morning with fried eggs sprinkled with garlic powder, sausage patties, and sourdough toast slathered with real butter.  That’s what I’m gonna do.  Makes the rest of the week just gravy.

The Clogblogger is a Blog about Clogs.

Four women with different problems here. No. 3 is my favorite.

RGF appropriately calls them “Bike Crickets.”

Best of Dicky Goodman:
Side A: Batman and His Grandmother
Side B: Suspense

What if there were no “handedness?” Read “Harvey’s Hands.”

Find out what’s happening on teh internest RIGHT NOW [Via The Presurfer].

Join the disgustion.  Dessicated Fairies, here.

When a boy loves a girl, you hear a version of this in your head.

Panel discussion: America should stop throwing money in a hole. Here.

Loosely related to videos posted yesterday, check out  Blackboard Jungle.