President Jug Head

I don’t know about you, but whenever our Fearless Leader speaks, I look around and imagine that he looks like something in our kitchen, like the water cooler. Somehow it makes it all better, because I know that our water cooler has no control over my life.

It amazes me that on 27 May 2010, the leader of the free world and the President of the greatest nation on earth had the audacity to utter these words:

“I mean, we’re still years off and some technological breakthroughs away from being able to operate on purely a clean-energy grid.

During that time, we’re going to be using oil. And to the extent that we’re using oil, it makes sense for us to develop our oil and natural gas resources here in the United States and not simply rely on imports.

That’s important for our economy. That’s important for economic growth. So the overall framework — which is to say, domestic oil production should be part of our overall energy mix — I think continues to be the right one.”

Although I completely agree with him on that, his comments came only minutes after he announced a moratorium on all domestic oil exploration and drilling. Unsurprisingly, his adoring media let him off the hook instead of calling him on it:

Of course, nobody in the Press Corpse [sic -Obama’s own pronunciation] wants to be the recipient of one of these not-so-subtle gestures combined with the hairy eyeball:

One thing Fearless Leader knows is the art of subtle nuance.

If he were serious, he’d open up ANWR immediately and forge a cartel with Canada and Mexico (and perhaps other democratic countries in South America) to reduce/eliminate our trade with OPEC. Now THAT would be a legacy he could be proud of.

Unfortunately, my water cooler can’t do it by itself.

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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