1,200,000 Visitors

A short while ago our 1,200,000th visitor showed up and quietly LOL’d to him/herself. Whoever/whatever it was came from somewhere here.

I’ve said it before (at least I think I did) that Tacky Raccoons has a pulse. The hits drop off on the weekends, yet they perk up again on Mondays, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays generating the most traffic. The good news is that the spike difference amounts to only about 3%, and I think that’s a good thing.

Rock on.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

16 thoughts on “1,200,000 Visitors”

  1. Not a problem. Steal all that you want. I do the same to get them in the first place. A few things I can make/assemble, but the rest… I, um, borrow. Don’t need to give credit except to me, Praise the Internet, which gives so freely. LOL. Artists, I will always give credit to when I know who made the work. Have fun.


  2. Meant to say, don’t bother giving me credit. LOL. Too early to type correctly or coherently. Not enough coffee yet. BTW, stole you Mothers of Invention. Love It.


  3. David– Because it’s nearly impossible and time-consuming to find original sources, I give credit to the place I found it. At least if someone’s looking for the true source they have some clues. Otherwise, at least the person who found it gets some credit.

    It’s the polite thing to do, IMO, and it gets you followers at the same time.

    The only time I don’t give credit is if I lost the link or found it at a *ahem* nasty site by accident.


  4. If I only posted 5 to 10 pics per day than I wholeheartedly agree with you about posting links. I do with some, but I post between 33-60 pics per day. I have a lot of pics in inventory and could never keep track of where I got them. I hit 2 million visitors on Saturday and the notice is going up tomorrow morning. Average funny stuff I don’t give credit to sources because as you said, it’s almost impossible to find original work in that genre. Artistic, photographers, designers, I try to always give their name underneath their posted work. I never claim to produce such talented struff. For the funnt stuff, we could claim everything was sourced at reddit and we probably would not be wrong. 🙂


  5. David– 33-60 per day? That’s a jawdropper. Yeah, we could all credit Google, but it ain’t fair, IMO. Doesn’t take much to capture an image and tag it to the source where you found it. That’s one of the things that I disliked about Ebaum. Good content, yet he posted stuff, tagged it, with no source.

    Even a great source of oddities does it. Example http://izismile.com


  6. I use Izismile as well. They, along with Acidcow and The chive, basically re-post each others posts so that all 3 look the exact same. The Chive feature a lot of girls, too many I think,but they also hit +400k visits per day. I do try to credit some of the smaller blogs with finding the pic but not always. When I do 1 post per day, it’ll take me about1hour to find, cleanup the pic , assemble it and post it. I’m retired (young) and it is a hobby. I love all the smaller blogs cuz they find stuff others don’t have and they have some great ideas/commentary. I may not agree with them but I enjoy what they’re saying. I have found some of the stuff I post now appearing in Izismile/Chive/Acidcow. I know it came from me because they would ever take the time to go digging that deep into the blogs. They want tons of content daily.And it shows up later in the day that I post.For me it’s about the fun. When it stops being fun then I change the blog and do something new. I’m having fun. It certainly appears that you do as well. Cheers.


  7. David– Yeah, I’ve been having fun. I try to avoid posting from the biggies – the content has usually made the rounds already.

    There’s some great unusual stuff on Russian & eastern European blogs, but I don’t go mining there anymore. Started picking up some little nasties along the way and the aggravation ain’t worth it.


  8. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve got a great anti-virus but some of the stuff is very nasty. I use some of the biggies atuff but the pics I do use are usually the ones less travelled. I’ve been getting some pics sent to me by friends and viewers via FB and e-mail. Makes things better. It also appeals to my warped sense of humour to see some of these show up on the biggies as they are more concerned about volume than quality IMO. I’m learing to manipulate pics a bit so as to at least attempt some orginal stuff or I’ll combine others words with different pics to do something a bit different. I wish that my audience would be more receptive to some of the more aartistic and thought provoking stuff that I find. I slip some in every so often. Also there’s some good stuff found from South America and I have a couple of Aussie friends that send me stuff. It’s all about spreading the fun. Take Care


  9. David– Been playing with Jasc & Gimp a bit. The latter is tedious and frustrating for me, whereas creating .gif animations with Jasc isn’t too tough. Look for a .gif I lifted and messed with coming up Friday. BTW, I added you to my blogroll, too. Cheers.


  10. Thank You very much. When I borrow from you, I will be doing a linkback. I’ve just started looking at making .gifs. I don’t know much about it and I only have so much patience, We’ll see how that goes. I have a few ideas of what I would like to do but will I be able to do it? I don’t know, but I am trying to learn. I currently use Paint Shop Pro X3 for cleaning up pics and doing some assembling of collages etc. They do have a deconstruction element for .gifs but I haven’t looked at it yet. I’ll start that in a few days. BTW, you ‘borrowed’ it, not lifted the .gif. LOL.The Frank Zappa pic will be going into an ‘OLD SCHOOL’ post in 4 or 5 weeks time. Used it on FB on Sunday too. Have fun.


  11. David– If you’re just starting out with .gifs, google lenticulations. Just two stereoscopic images pasted in give a great 3D illusion. I like Jasc because it’s shareware, has some great morphing tools, and it’s really easy to resize large ones so that they animate on a blog where the embedding size is limited (like this one).

    Sometimes I’ll find a .gif that screams to be reversed and stitched back together. Here’s an example where I did just that. Then there are others that I’ve mixed *ahem* MSPaint graphics to produce stuff like this.

    It’s all fun for me.


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