Saturday Matinee – Richard Thompson, Charles Ray Wiggins & Black Joe Louis


Richard Thompson snarks. If you’ve never heard of him, I pity you.

Charles Ray Wiggins (aka Raphael Saadiq) with “Heart Attack.” This is some nice retro soul with cool camera angles.

Black Joe Louis is in so heavy with Howlin’ Wolf influence that there’s nothing left to say. This is one of the best killer jams I’ve heard in years. Crank it.

Dang, so much stuff goin’ down in so little time. Have a great weekend folks, and see you back here tomorrow.


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2 Responses to “Saturday Matinee – Richard Thompson, Charles Ray Wiggins & Black Joe Louis”

  1. John M. Says:

    I saw Richard Thompson play solo in a tent at Jazz Fest in New Orleans back in the late 80s, in front of maybe 50-100 people. He was great. factoid: He’s also a devout Muslim– Sufi, to be exact.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    John M.–
    Richard & [ex-wife] Linda Thompson caught my ear with Wall Of Death, and it’s still one of my favorites. I didn’t even know what they were singing about when I first heard it but I liked the Scottish harmonies and the odd lyrics.

    As for his Sufi religion, that’s news to me. At least that sect doesn’t proselytize and isn’t political.

    Thompson was raised a Presbyterian and though that never made any sense to him it did not stop him, in the spirit of his times, looking for answers. “By the time I was 20, I had worked my way through Watkins bookshop in Cecil Court [in central London], from A is for anthroposophy to Z is for Zen. In all that, I thought the Sufis [the “mystical poets” of Islam] had the right balance and the right connection. And at exactly the moment I arrived at that thought I saw there was a Sufi meeting two minutes from our house in Hampstead, at a church hall in Belsize Park. So I went down there and I’m looking round this circle of invocation and I realised I knew four of them, all musicians I had done session work with. And then there were all these gorgeous women and great food. So it seemed right…”

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